Saturday, 13 July 2013


Smiths is a rather large company in the potato chip industry, owning several brands such as: Doritos, Grain Waves, Twisties, Burger Rings, and Cheetos just to name the chips brands. So who are their real competitors? Thins, CC's, Kettle, Samboy, and Natural Chip Co.
Out of these brands, two stand out the most for Smiths Popped Potato Snacks, Thins Popped and CC's Popped. It would appear competition can 'pop' up rather quick in the snack chip market.

From what I can see the Thins Popped are the closest, with the CC's Popped still being corn chips. Although, I am yet to see any real advertisements for either of these brands, even trying to find any is a mammoth task.

In conclusion, Smiths Air Popped Potato Snacks seem to be a really great way to go for a healthy alternative for quick snacks, they are tasty, lets face it there is no real competition out there and they are well marketed from television commercials to bus stop outdoor prints with their funny yet odd cannibalistic advertising campaign, yet it works well for Mr Potato Head. I wonder if that was Mrs Potato Head he was eating?... I guess we will never know.

Until our next adventure on some random topic.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Are they a Healthy Choice?

It would appear that no matter where you look, everyone seems to be saying that 'Air Popped' potato chips are in fact a healthier option. The obvious fact are, they not cooked in oil (fried), therefore straight away we have less fat, lower calories and sodium.

In accordance to MyFitnessPal (health iPhone app and website) they show that the BBQ flavour snacks at a serving of 16g has 69 calories, 2.2g of fat, 11.2g of Carbs and 0g of Protein. So for a potato chip snack that is actually pretty good and the results are extremely similar with most other nutritional providers.

Next time your in the shopping centre and you know that you have a hungry family that loves their potato chips maybe you should consider this healthier alternative and I must say they are actually rather tasty as well, something that doesn't always go hand in hand with healthy food options.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Campaign Reviews

After a couple of days looking at reviews and consumer comments on this campaign the conclusion thus far is a series of key comments varying from: "looks like poo", "cannibalism" and "wasn't it done a couple of years back" to "nice animation work" and "simply funny". ( and (
Basically there is a vast mix of reactions from hate to love with this campaign. A similarity that Clemenger BBDO agencies tend to produce such as some of the Carlton Dry campaigns and the Pods advert with the crocodile. Personally I quite enjoy the ads they create, they have this random aspect to them with a hint of unusualness. A good point of difference.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Packaging size.... what the??

Ok, by now I hoping that you have tried the new Air Popped potato snacks. Pretty good right?
Every time time I eat them, I think to myself, a rice cracker and a prawn chip....

Anyway, I have found myself purchasing them on a more than once occasion. One thing I have noticed however is the lunch box sized packets. You purchase them as a bag, with five bags inside, each individual one being 16g net and I have found that these packets are just too small. Now I know that most lunch box packets all seem to range form approximately 10-20g net, with these being such a light chip however, I find myself that one packet is not enough. Here's to hoping that they will start to bring them out in a larger packet, perhaps something like 80g or 100g net for example. One can only hope, right?


Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Taste Test Time...

I was in the grocer last week doing the usual food shop and happened to come across the new "Smiths Air Popped Potato Snacks" on the shelf (prime position mind you) and couldn't help myself by to give them a go, sucker to good advertising aren't I?.. and they are a 'Snack' and not a 'Chip' according to the packet, I guess this is clever packaging to try and bring them over to "The Healthy Side" of between meals snacks.

The veridic: Sour Cream and Chives Edition.

My theory is that a Rice Cracker and a Prawn Chip met, got together, had the romance, then mated and...this is their spawn. The potato 'snacks' have a nice 'puff' to them without that pinching on your tongue sensation that the prawn chips give you (not that I hate that feeling but you don't always want it in a 'frequent' consumption potato chip, oops, snack) they also have a striking resemblance to a rice cracker, that is on steroids.
Flavouring, I'm a huge CSC(sour cream and chive) fan on well anything and couldn't help but notice there are a slight lack in the amount of flavouring per chip in comparison to most other CSC sustenance, maybe thats something they could work on.
Needless to say these new Air Popped Potato Snacks are twice over in our house this week and may very well become a part of the potato chip/snack cycle in the pantry.
I give them a 4 out of 5, for now.

So if you haven't already before my next post, go out to your local shops and give them a go.
And hey, they are a healthier option apparently, it even says so on the packet. A whole "50% lower in fat compared to chips cooked in oil".


Monday, 10 June 2013

The Advertisement itself

Smiths Chips, lets face it, almost every person you know has tried Smiths chips at some stage in their life, my original thought of them is from growing up in those little snack size packets. The crunch... the salty taste... you couldn't go wrong. So, they now have a new product and an awesome advert to go with it.

The suspense build up on their facebook page before the release of the TV ad, very clever.
Starting with the picture of the new Popped packet mostly blanked out with just a corner showing. slowly exposing more and more of the packet over the corse of a few days. Then the little clues as to who the spokesperson was and finally the release of the ad.

The use of a well known character, previously revised by Toy Story, the classic Mr Potato Head. Sadly I was one of those unfortunates who never had the pleasue of owning one as a child.
And they have him cannibalising on fellow chip mates and he's happy about it.
So. until next time.... Try some Smith's Popped Chips.